Wednesday, 29 May 2013

BBQ-Week 1: Korean Ribs and Grilled Asparagus!

Summer is finally here! And you know what that means, time to light the BBQ! To me, grilling chunks of meat in front of a BBQ has always seemed like a guy's job. But after hearing many good things about this particular BBQ cooking class, I decided to give a try. I had no prior experience of BBQ cooking besides grilling a couple burgers and buns for a quick dinner, so a lot of new techniques are ahead of me to learn! Unlike all my other classes, students work in teams in this one and we are working in a special lab, equipped with industrial food prep tools and gadgets. In this first class, we made Grilled China Town Style Beef Short Ribs (really, it's more Korean than Chinese) and Balsamic Grilled Asparagus

1.5 lb cross cut short ribs, quarter inch thick
salt/pepper to taste

1 cup pineapple juice
60 g ginger grated
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 Thai chili
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup hoisin sauce
1 tsp seasame oil

1. combine all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and whisk
2. save 1/4 of the marinade for basting later
3. marinade the ribs for about 3hr
4. grill on medium heat, and use the 1/4 marinade to baste

* to get nice grilling marks on the meat, grill them 45 degrees to the grill mark first, then turn the rib 90 degrees (perpendicular to the initial direction)
* if you don't have a BBQ, you can just cook the ribs in a non-stick pan or in the oven using broiling for a few minutes 

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  1. hmmm never though the marinate could be so simple. Gonna try this soon