Thursday, 14 March 2013

French-Week 9: Seafood pie!

This week we made Fruits de Mer en Croûte Nantua, which is one of my favourite dishes that we have covered in class so far. I have always been a big fan of seafood, and I find that seafood is probably the easiest thing to cook because of its inherently good taste. As long as you remember not to overcook it, you will probably get a nice dish even with little practice. Here's a great recipe for a gourmet dish that can be easily made on a busy weekday night!

5 oz scallop
5 oz lobster
5 oz salad shrimps (the tiny cooked ones)
1 shallot, chopped
some stems of parsley
2 oz or 60 mL Brandy
4 oz Béchamel (roughly 2 spoons)
1 sheet of Puff pastry
1 egg
salt/pepper, butter, olive oil

1. heat up a pan, melt some butter to sweat the shallot, then put the shallot aside
2. add olive oil in the pan, sear the scallops quickly using high heat
3. if you have an open flame, add a splash of Brandy and flambé it. If not, just add the Brandy and let it reduce a bit
4. separate the cooked scallops and the juice by straining them, set the scallops and juice separately aside
5. repeat Step 2-4 twice for lobster meat and shrimps, separately
6. combine all the seafood, stir in some chopped parsley and Béchamel, toss them around
7. whisk the egg to make an eggwash
8. take a sheet of Puff pastry, cut it into half, place the seafood on one
9. brush the edge of the pastry with eggwash, cover it up with another half of the pastry, brush the pie surface with eggwash
10. bake at 400F until golden brown (takes about 20-25min)  

*side dish: Ratatouille "Provençale", a French vegetable stew

I had some pastry leftover. So I decided to use it up by turning them into some ham/cheese pastry rolls. Use a strip of Puff pastry, lay a layer of ham, then a layer of Jarlsberg cheese, and roll it up. (Make sure that you use a type of soft cheese so that they will melt when heated) Brush the surface with eggwash, bake at 375F for 20min. 

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